Mission Statement

To strengthen and support women in our faith journey; equip women to live effective

Christian family lives; encourage women to pursue their dreams, goals and support women in the pursuit of their purpose.

WOMEN NURTURING WOMEN program November 16, 2019

Women Nurturing Women is designed to encourage women. Recognising that women wear different hats and function in diverse domain within the society. It is important that they are able tap into the resources that God has provided for us as women. We are one another’s support, resource and anchor. It is important that women recognise each other and the support that we are able to provide for one another. So that we don’t live our lives alone or in isolation.  

Statement of Purpose

Covenant Light Assembly exists to present men and women of all walks of life with the truth of the word of God, in simple, practical and easy to apply way and manner. We seek through practical teachings to present the facts and the truth of the gospel to our audience through the print and electronic media, to maximize our reach and impact on the individual, families and our community.

Our Values

As a Church we uphold the values personal and corporate Dignity, Integrity, Excellence and Service. Our ministry focus is designed to inculcate and promote these values in all that we do.

How can I tap into the women that God has placed in my life?

WOMEN NURTURING WOMEN aims to encourage and promote meaningful friendships and network opportunities that will nurture good spiritual growth and maturity. Building on these, we encourage physical and emotional wellbeing and health.


When positive nurturing is fostered, competition and unhealthy rivalry are eliminated.

As women; we are challenged to

  • encourage and mentor one another
  • help identify and nurture the gift of God in each other’s lives and
  • celebrate one another


Our example was the friendship between Mary and Elizabeth in Luke 1:26-45


Our lesson from these two women:

  1. They have mutual respect for one another.
  2. They recognized the blessings of God upon each other’s life
  3. They celebrated each other
  4. They were supportive of one another


They were both able to genuinely pray and celebrate one another. When we care for one another in the spirit of oneness, God moves. When we are united, our prayers are answered. The bible says a city divided against itself cannot stand. My prayer is that God will strengthen and empower you in your role as a wife, mother, sister, and friend.


It is my prayer that the LORD will give us a new perspective on how to be supportive of one another and be our sister’s keeper. 


Thank you and God bless.

Deaconess Florence ‘Dayo Akanbi